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The Elecex Air - ATEX & IECEx certified portable air conditioning unit

Elecex manufacture the world's first portable ATEX and IECEx certified air conditioning system.

The Elecex Air is designed specifically for hazardous areas and built to the most exacting international standards with a wide variety of functions and features to ensure it can navigate the toughest climate problems the industry has, anywhere on the globe at any hazardous facility.

At 25kW of cooling capacity the Elecex Air has the ability to cool expansive areas, cool multiple locations simultaneously or create huge temperature differentials.


Benefits of the Elecex Air

  • Safe
  • Spot cooling
  • Acting as a temporary replacement or to support the fixed HVAC system in a pressurised room
  • Turning standard containers into refrigerated containers
  • Cooling temporary buildings and enclosures
  • Blast cool a tank or vessel to decrease cooling time, allowing personnel entry sooner
  • Reduce the temperature of warm areas to improve productivity and dexterity of personnel
  • Provide cooling to operational staff at ever changing work sites
  • Create cooled refuges from work in the sun
  • To provide continuous climate controlled environments for applying coatings & technical wraps to ensure optimum curing conditions.

elecexairExplosion Proof Features

  • The Elecex Air is ATEX and IECEx certified for use in Zones 1 & 2
  • The Elecex Air is designed for use in IIA and IIB gas atmospheres
  • The Elecex Air is T3/T4 rated
  • The Elecex Air is ATEX and IECEx rated for use in ambient temperatures of -20C to +50C

HVAC Features

  • The Elecex Air has a large range in cooling capacity from 8-25kW allowing for a wide variety of uses. The unit has a total heat of rejection of 50kW.
  • The Elecex Air has an ambient temperature sensor, freeze stat and thermostat as standard.
  • Air is supplied to the room at up to 0.35m3/s and 250Pa. Speed/Pressure is adjustable and additional fans can be added to overcome any additional loads
  • The Elecex Air has an integrated refrigerant receiver that can be isolated to allow it to be safely transported while charged.
  • The Elecex Air has an integrated G4 particulate filter, capturing greater than 90% of all particulate which would otherwise enter the conditioned space.
  • The Elecex Air has an integrated sand and dust filter to ensure it can operate continuously in the harshest of conditions, including sandstorms.
  • The Elecex Air has an integrated, stainless steel drip tray / drain pan to ensure the efficient removal of condensate extracted from the air.

elecexairMechanical Features

  • The Elecex Air is incredibly compact, fitting into a frame measuring only: 1300mm (L) x 800mm (W) x 1445mm (H)
    This means it has similar dimensions to a pallet and is designed to be lifted and moved in the same way. Therefore, the unit can easily be transported by pallet truck or forklift and on road, rail, air freight or in an ISO container. The 800mm width ensures it can fit down the narrowest of walkways and through a standard DIN door (850mm) meaning that the user can benefit from getting it close to the workface, minimising the space taken for the task, minimising energy loss through the ducting, maximising performance, and minimising the setup time for the equipment and associated ductwork.
  • The Elecex Air weighs only 670kg, ensuring a standard pallet truck can move it.
  • The Elecex Air emits a maximum of 100dB at 1m when running.
  • The Elecex Air crash frame is manufactured from 5mm thick steel box section ensuring it can withstand the harshest treatment.
  • The Elecex Air is fully panelled with powdercoated metal doors, panels and filters available in a range of colours and materials.
  • The Elecex Air has been designed to be vibration and corrosion resistant.
  • The Elecex Air is built with recessed or flush mounted components to minimise the risk of impacts and to ensure that it remains within its own footprint.

Electrical Features

The Elecex Air is designed to go anywhere and be connected to the power supply, the standard Elecex Air can be supplied by a variety of three phase power supplies simply by changing the plug type.

  • The Elecex Air comes with a 15m flying lead connection and can be supplied with any hazardous area certified power supply plug, just state your requirements at the time of ordering.
  • The Elecex Air comes with suitable integrated electrical protection for all circuits without the need for a high integrity intrinsic safety earth.

Control Features

  • The Elecex Air has an intuitive, LCD information display system which shows ambient temperature, output/room temperature, temperature set point, status of the unit and the total hours run, ensuring the user can effectively operate, and check the unit.
  • The Elecex Air has two operation modes allowing for close thermostatic control or maximum power to best suit the task at hand.
  • The control programming has been designed and tuned by Elecex to continuously monitor the system and automatically control all aspects of the system, continuously optimising the cooling power output to match the required cooling load.
  • The control programming also includes diagnostics software which continuously monitors all sensors and protective devices with on screen display and diagnosis.
  • The Elecex Air has an integrated hours counter allowing accurate billing when rented or accurate costing when used for project work. The hours counter is permanently displayed during operation.
  • The Elecex Air also has a service indicator ensuring the maximum uptime of the equipment while ensuring the maximum lifecycle for the unit with no input or continual monitoring required by the equipment owner.


Optional accessories for the Elecex Air include:

  • Flexible ducting – our high specification flexible ducting is resilient and meets the requirements to supply ATEX & IECEx pressurised rooms.
  • Insulated flexible ducting - our high specification flexible ducting is resilient and meets the requirements to supply ATEX & IECEx pressurised rooms. The insulated variant ensures minimal thermal energy losses between the Elecex Air and the room it is cooling.


Technical Data



Weight 670kg

Height: 1445mm

Length: 1300mm

Depth: 800mm


Hazardous Area



ATEX Certificate Number


IECEx Certificate Number

IECEx CML 16.0069X

Ex Marking

Ex db eb h ia [ia IIC] mb pxb IIB+H2 T4/T3 Gb

Permitted Zones

Zones 1 & 2

Ambient Temperature Range

-20°C to +50°C



Power Supply

380-440VAC at 50Hz, 440-480VAC at 60Hz

Power Supply Connection

32A 3P + E

Power Supply Cable

UKOOA grade cable

Max Power Consumption



Air Handling

Refrigeration Power


Refrigeration Control

Thermostatic Control or Maximum Running

Thermostatic Control Accuracy

Set in 1°C increments

Conditioned Air Flow Rate


Maximum External Static Pressure Overcome


Conditioned Air Filtration

G4 Particulate Filter

Waste Heat Air Filtration

Sand/Dust Filter